Badgeth Design Competition

Year: 2021

About Badgeth

Every Ethereum address has a rich, untapped pool of historical data; Badgeth distills that data and uses it to award user badges that tell a complete narrative at a glance, even to newcomers.

The Competition

The Badgeth Graph Badge design competition requested that designers create a set of 12 different badges based off the different categories they can be awarded badges for their participation in the Blockchain.

The Categories

  • Testnet Wanderer
  • Captain Subgraph
  • Delegation Streak
  • Delegation Tribe
  • Planet of the Aped
  • Subgraph Shark
  • Delegation Nation
  • 28 Epochs Later
  • Curator Tribe
  • First To Close
  • Never Slashed
  • Indexer Tribe

My approach

First, I spent time defining and familiarizing myself with the terms, and badges that can be awarded. Once I felt comfortable with my knowledge I researched popular NFT styles, and other gamified elements in the Blockchain. This helped me come up with the two different collections of the 12 categories I submitted designs for.

Sketch the Designs

Often times my favorite thing to do is to sketch out my preliminary ideas. This allows me to have a much faster, and a more conscious flow for creative brainstorming.

The Pop Art Collection

I noticed a lot of NFTs that were gaining popularity were very colorful, and had a cartoon style. This reminded me a lot of Andy Warhol's work, and prompted me to create the first set of 12 Pop Art inspired Graph Badges.

The Gamified Collection

I also wanted to make another iteration that reflected the branding of the Badgeth website. The second collection I created was more gamified/sci-fi, which I felt was more cohesive with the current Badgeth branding.

Placing Designs

2nd Place

Planet of the Aped

2nd Place

Delegation Tribe