Web design

Ecocamp Coyote

Year: 2020


Ecocamp Coyote is an off-grid ecosystem restoration camp based in Coyote Valley California. Their goal is to create a completely sustainable closed loop system that regenerates the degraded farmland.

The Problem

To become a certified California Ecosystem Restoration camp they needed a list of things to establish their credibility. One of the things that they needed was a website, and that is where I came in.


  • Create a website that tells a story about who "we are"
  • Create an online presence that defines our project, and highlights our progress
  • Display all past and present events
  • Encourage users to contact us and get involved

Understanding the Current problems

No Online Presence

  • the online presence is scattered across different social media accounts, and isn't cohesive

No Where to Find Information

  • there was no one place to find information about their projects, events, and other opprotunities

The Solution

Develop a website in less than two weeks for their application deadline.


Since they needed a website, and branding of their camp in less than two weeks I skipped the drawing board and went straight into design/development. This project was made and iterated on twice per the ecocamp leaders request. The result was a cohesive, and comprehensive website where the main focus was displaying their projects/events, and encouraging user participation.

Final Website

View the Ecocamp Coyote Website