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Graphic Content

Year: 2019


Graphic Content is a passion project that will explore sexual trauma in the Bay Area. This project is intended to be both research intensive as well as emotionally compelling. It is my goal to give a voice to those who have been afraid to speak out and give comfort to others in letting them know they are not alone.

The Problem

Every 98 seconds an American is sexually assaulted. Sexual assault in the U.S. is a widely understated and rarely talked about problem. The problem is not just the heinous act itself, but the struggle that follows in the weeks, months, and years following the trauma. The problem we face today is how we as a society choose to view and cope with survivors.

The Goal

My goal is to bring to light something that is otherwise overlooked or seen as something to be ashamed of. I want to take the shame, trauma and experience of the survivors who were willing to share their stories and turn it into something more meaningful.

The Process

To gather the statistics and compelling stories I needed to complete this project, I created a survey with Google Forms. I then took to social media asking people to participate and share their experiences. Participants would then share their stories either anonymously or if they were courageous enough to do so they could disclose their identity.

The Interviews

69 out of the 80 participants in my survey are women

10 out of 80 are men

1 out of the 80 participants in my survey identify as non-binary

77 people knew their assailants

92.9% did not go to law enforcement

57.1% of my interviewees considered harming themselves after their assault

28.6% contemplated suicide

The Solution

I decided that I needed something symbolic to represent the statistics without being too cliche or kitschy. I recognized that displaying the information abstractly would not justify the intensity of the subject.

The Initial Wireframes

When tackling the initial wireframes I had gone through many iterations. It is important to me that the information is displayed in both an informative and emotionally compelling manner. Knowing I wanted the content to be dynamic and engaging, I experimented with lamination sheets to show how the site would appear over time as the content would reveal itself. As one would hover or interact with a statistic the graphic would move or appear.

Low Fidelity Wireframes

After analyzing an engaging way for the infographics to be displayed, I played with different styles of layouts. I did A/B testing with one layout that had images and texts and another that was just simple graphics.

User Testing Conclusions

While testing out the designs and animations I realized I was still not satisfied with the result. I feel that because this project is very personal to me I was having a hard time coming to a final result that meets the expectations I have for the project. I ultimately decided to animate icons that were relative to the statistics.

Final Design

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