Stanford PACS Effective Philanthropy Learning Initiative

Year: 2020-2022


While at Stanford EPLI I've been in charge of the website redesign, the LMS development, and creative director for the video animation project.

The Problem

The previous website did not reflect the scholarly work being produced by the lab. Beyond that their publications on EP needed to be translated into intuitive and immersive online learning experiences.


  • Refresh the EPLI style guide, and website
  • Create an online learning experience for both the Stanford EPLI Guide & Toolkit
  • Develop 10 videos that reflect key learnings, and processes for Effective Philanthropists.

Understanding the Current problems

Site Hierarchy

  • The website is confusing, and navigation is messy.


  • The design is outdated, and circa 1990.

Traffic & Bounce Rate

  • There is very little traffic on the site.
  • No stickiness.
  • The bounce rate is less than 2m.

How the Toolkit & Guide Live Online

  • The Toolkit needs to be an online learning experience.
  • The guide isn't even living online, so how do we show case it?
  • how can we make both of these easily digestible using an LMS.

The Solution

The solution was a complete website overhaul starting with the site hierarchy, and ending with a completely new style guide specific for the EPLI team to help define us as a lab at the Stanford Philanthropy and Civil Society Program. Beyond that we also decided that it would be best to develop an online learning experience for the two publications the lab publishes.

The Initial Wireframes

Content coming soon...

Second Iterations

Content coming soon...

User Testing Conclusions

Content coming soon...

Content coming soon...